Thank you for supporting Employee Growth

Now that your employee is classified as a Cooperative Education student at Skyline College, we would like to acquaint you with your responsibilities as an employer and a critical component to the success of your employee.

  • Please Sit down with your employee and assist with the formulation of three (3) attainable job-related learning objectives.
    • These learning objects should aid the individual in gaining skills that are more effective while employed within your organization
  • Please sign the Learning Objectives Form indicating your acknowledgement and approval of your employee's job-related objectives.
  • Please review the Learning Objectives  
  • Employee will provide the COOP Fall 2022 Timesheet (hyperlinked form attached to email) to you for your signature.
  • Please note, before the end of the semester the COOP instructor for your employee will reach out for a brief check-in to evaluate the learning objectives

We are so excited to collaborate with you throughout the semester!

Letter to the Employer