Engineering and Tech Scholars (ETS) is an accelerated learning community designed to support students in Engineering, Computer Science, and Biotechnology pathways. Part of the Silicon Valley Engineering Tech Pathways project, ETS students are enrolled in accelerated Mathematics courses to establish foundational skills necessary to succeed in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering fields of study.

Through supportive group-based learning, hands-on and team-based design projects, and introduction to advanced manufacturing techniques in a brand new state-of-the-art Fabrication Laboratory, students advance from entry-level mathematics through intermediate Science, Engineering and Technology courses. ETS prepares students for an Associate of Science Degree in the Engineering and Tech pathways, transfer to university, and provides manufacturing experience to prepare students for internships in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Tech industries. 

We provide our students a specific STEM course “track” based on their intended field of study to guarantee that their efforts satisfy both general transfer requirements and lower-division requirements for their STEM major. 

How to Apply

For more information on program enrollment, please contact Bryan Swartout, STEM Center Program Services Coordinator, and fill out the online application. The program is now accepting students enrolling in MATH 130 Trig, MATH 222 Pre-Calculus, or MATH 251 Calculus I in the fall. 

Program Benefits

What are the advantages of joining the Engineering and Technology Scholars Learning Community?

  • You and your peers learn together.  Each ETS student cohort is enrolled in linked courses together for five semesters. You and your peers will have unique collaborative projects and be able to forge a community of STEM learners based on your similar academic interests.
  • You will explore your career options.  STEM is a massive pool of possible majors and it may be difficult to decide your field of study or career goal. The ETS program provides students exposure to different opportunities in tech through field trips, extracurricular activities, and mentoring.
  • You will gain tangible experience.  Skyline College is home to a brand new, state-of-the-art Fabrication Lab provided by Base11. ETS students are able to participate in various workshops and other learning opportunities utilizing 3-D printers, milling machines, laser cutters, and more! Through continuous lab experience, ETS students gain transferable skills to fulfill eligibility for offered internships.
  • You will prepare for your future.  Additional to STEM enrichment, ETS students receive training in resume writing, study skills, and access to multiple guidance resources. ETS students are equipped with a Student Support Specialist that provides individualized assistance to more acutely identify areas of student improvement.
ETS-EN Courses
Core Courses  Electrical Engineering Track Computer Engineering Track Computer Science Track
Courses Units Courses Units  Courses  Units Courses Units 
COUN 100 3 COMP 250 3 COMP 250 3 COMP 250 3
CHEM 210 5 COMP 251* COMP 251*  COMP 252** 
ENGL 105 5 ENGR 100 COMP 252**  COMP 256* 
ENGL 110 3 ENGR 400* COMP 262  COMP 262* 
MATH 110 5 ENGR 260**  ENGR 100  ENGR 100 
MATH 120 5 ENGR 261**  ENGR 400*  ENGR 400* 
MATH 130 4 GEN ED  ENGR 260**  GEN ED 
MATH 222 5 MATH 275  ENGR 261**     
MATH 251 5     MATH 275     
MATH 252 5            
MATH 253 5            
MATH 270 3            
PHYS 250 4            
PHYS 260 4            
PHYS 270 4