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Title Description
6 or Fewer units Non-Resident Tuition Fee Waiver   To request a nonresident course fee waiver if you are a non-resident student enrolled in 6 units or fewer.
AB540 California Nonresident Tuition Exemption   Any student, other than one with a US Citizenship and Immigration Services nonimmigrant visa status, may be exempt from paying nonresident tuition.
Academic Renewal   Exclude substandard coursework from GPA calculation.
Add/ Drop a course   Request to Add/Drop a course.
Audit Course Request   Ability to take a course, without a grade, after having already taken the course the maximum number times.
Change of Personal Information   Request for change of legal name, preferred name, address, phone, etc.
Change Section/ Level after Official Deadline   Request to change section/level of a course after the official deadline.
Credit by Examination   Petition to take an examination for credit.
Duplicate Diploma or Certificate   Request a duplicate diploma or certificate.
ESL Course(s) Non-Resident Tuition Fee Waiver (AB 1232)   Non-Resident fee waiver for students taking ESL course(s) only
Extenuating Circumstance(s)   Request for an exception or waiver to college procedures.
Grade Alleviation   Request to alleviate substandard coursework.
Guardianship/ Dependency Questionnaire   Proof of Guardianship or Dependency.
Homeless Student Certification   Certify a student meets the Homeless critieria.
Late Add Course Request   Add a course after the official registration deadline.
Loss of CCPG and/or Priority Registration   Appeal for Loss of California College Promise Grant and/or Priority Registration
Overlapping Courses   Request to enroll in overlapping courses.
Release of Information   Permission to release or restrict educational records.
Residency Reclassification   Request to change residency status from Non-Resident to Resident.
Residency Reclassification   Request to change residency status from Non-Resident to Resident.
Student Representation Fee Waiver   Request to waive the Student Representation Fee.
Title Description
Course Repeat   Request to repeat a course for a grade.
Enroll beyond maximum number of units per term Request to enroll in course(s) beyond the 19 unit maximum.
Prerequisite Challenge Form Challenge a prerequisite to a course.
Prerequisite Equivalency Request Request to enroll in a course by meeting a prerequisite requirement.
Student Success & Support (3SP) Exemption Form Request to be exempt from Assessment, Orientation, and/or Counseling services.
Instrucciones en español
Title Description
2023-2024 Dependency Status Change Request Form (Unusual Circumstance) Request to have your dependency status reviewed.
2023-2024 Release of Information   Students who wish to give consent to financial aid office to release their information.
2023-2024 Supplemental Direct Loan Request Students who wish to request a student loan must submit this form.
2023-2024 Unusual Circumstance Form (Special Circumstances) Request to have your current financial information reviewed.
2023-2024 V4 Identity and Educational Purpose Verification Worksheet   Students selected for V4 Verification by the Department of Education are required to submit this form.
2023-2024 Verification of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth   Students who need to provide verification of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth status.
2023-2024 V1 Independent Verification Worksheet   2023-2024 V1 Independent Verification Worksheet.
2023-2024 Residency Form   2023-2024 Residency Form.
Instrucciones en español
Title Description
AB13 (VACA) Affidavit for Eligible Veterans   Veteran request for California Nonresident Tuition Exemption.