Honors is for everyone–including our esteemed Skyline College Faculty! 

Studies show that Faculty members can greatly and positively impact undergraduate students’ educational experiences in these ways:

  • Faculty members share experiences, expertise, and advice on research, teaching, and other professional concerns
  • Help students acclimate to formal and informal norms of the discipline
  • Build community and strong relationships with students
  • Opportunity for Faculty to learn from students on a one-to-one basis
  • Students will have better grades, higher retention rates, and graduate in fewer semesters

Why our Students Join Honors

Skyline College students have cited these reasons for joining the Honors Transfer Program:

  • Students want to be more involved on campus
  • Seek experience in undergraduate research before they transfer to a four-year university
  • Seek deeper academic relationships with Faculty
  • Boost their confidence in themselves and their potential
  • Increase chances of getting into UCLA and other dream universities
  • Challenge themselves to grow
  • Explore potential majors and careers

Teaching an Honors Contract Course

Any class can be an Honors course! 

We do not have specific Honors course sections; any class can be an Honors course if a Professor agrees to work on a research project with an Honors student. Courses become an Honors contract course once a student and one of their Professor has agreed to guide them in a research project (can be a presentation, paper, or creative project).

Supporting Honors Students and Becoming a Faculty-Mentor

If the student is not yet an Honors student, they can apply here.

If they are already in Honors, they’ll need to meet with you to discuss a possible research project that they can complete this semester. After you both reach an agreement about the project, the student will fill out this contract and forward you a copy of the responses for your records. Once the contract is complete, the student can begin work on the project and meet with you as needed.

Further Support

Faculty can recommend that their mentees also enroll in my Honors Research Seminar if they need further support in the research process; the class is encouraged but not required. Enrolling in the course will help mitigate the workload from faculty (or faculty-mentors, as we call them). 

  • Contract Guidelines 
  • Final Research Paper Checklist
  • Spring 2021 Checklist
  • Faculty-Mentors will receive monthly reminders with additional resources 

Please contact Prof. Janice Sapigao for further questions.

Add an HTP Blurb To Your Course Syllabi

The Honors Transfer Program is an undergraduate research program designed to nurture all Skyline College students in all academic disciplines as they grow and challenge themselves in academic commitment and pursuit of rigorous, creative, community-based, and culturally relevant scholarship. A goal of the program is to produce thoughtful, respectful, and honorable scholars. 

A community of peers, staff, and faculty will serve as wrap-around support for students in the program, as students can fulfill original, semester-long research projects as they develop deeper relationships with faculty-mentors. Students will also receive priority registration, have the opportunity to become a student leader or member of the Honors Club, and they will be eligible for transfer and scholarship opportunities to esteemed, four-year universities. 

Advisory Board Members

The HTP Advisory Board offers advice, support, and expertise regarding Honors student support. They make recommendations and considerations for HTP staff on programmatic planning, and they approach HTP with lenses from across the college as they advise on program policy.

  • Lindsey Ayotte, Communications Professor
  • Susanne Schubert, Chemistry Professor
  • Joyce Lee, Honors Transfer Program, Veterans Program, Counselor
  • Danni Redding Lapuz, Dean of Social Sciences and Creative Arts
  • Jessica Silver-Sharp, Librarian
  • Chris Woo, Program Services Coordinator, Social Sciences and Creative Arts