We are thrilled to share the work of the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division at Skyline College and explore ways we can partner to support our communities during this incredibly complex time.

The creation of this division is designed to increase connectivity across activities and engagement on campus that more effectively support students landing their dream job and developing the talent pipeline your companies are looking for.

We hope you will join our council as influential industry professionals and key faculty who can assist us in shaping efforts to best meet the needs of the workforce and in designing programs and services necessary to ensure students at Skyline College are being prepared to be the next generation of industry professionals and leaders across Bay Area and that we are meeting your needs during these ever-changing times.

The pandemic has led to incredible job loss for many individuals in our communities. Programs like ours support students and community members in preparing for and finding livable wage jobs. As we also create short-term training opportunities that allow individuals to get quickly trained and pivot into a new growing industry. With the help of Industry Leadership Council members, we will be able to discover opportunities faster and support individuals in our communities in their efforts to gain meaningful employment.

Based on your experience, professional background, educational accomplishments and connection to Skyline College we believe you would be an awesome addition to our Industry Leadership Council.

As an Industry Leadership Council member, we would request your participation in two initial planning meetings and then as a council we will decide meeting frequency moving forward.

We will capture your insight and contributions as the council in ways that will directly influence and guide the work we do across our division and the campus while sharing a report that highlights council members contributions and adopt an action plan to move these ideas into reality.

Your expertise and insight would be extremely valuable, and we appreciate your consideration.