The Skyline College Learning Center (TLC) offers student-centered, peer-based learning assistance services designed to enhance student academic performance in their courses in order to improve student retention and perseverance toward degree and certificate completion.

If you’d like to help your fellow students progress and succeed as they work towards their academic goals, then you may be an excellent candidate for a position at The Learning Center.

student staff at learning center

Available Positions at The Learning Center

Student Assistant

Salary: $15.62/hour

Student Assistants are currently enrolled Skyline College students who welcome new and continuing students to The Learning Center, provide information and referrals to students and faculty, and help students access the services provided in The Learning Center.

This position is ideal for students who can work effectively in a high-responsibility position both individually and as part of a team. All positions are part-time.


Peer Tutor

Salary: $17.12/hour

Peer Tutors are currently enrolled Skyline College students who provide one-on-one or group tutoring to other Skyline College students.

In order to become a Peer Tutor, students must be able to complete one of two different tutor-training options. Upon completion of either option, tutors will have satisfied the requirements for a Level I CRLA Certificate and will be eligible to work in The Learning Center (budget permitting).

  • Option A: Students taking this option must enroll in and complete the LSKL 110 Tutor Training course. This option is highly recommended and students will receive CSU transferable course credit upon course completion. 
  • Option B: Students with extenuating circumstances may be given permission to opt out of enrolling in LSKL 110 and must complete an alternative online training course.


Graduate Tutor

Salary: TBA

Graduate Tutors are tutors with a bachelor's degree or higher in the discipline for which they tutor. They provide one-on-one or group tutoring to Skyline College students and work in mentoring relationships with other tutors.

Preferably, Graduate Tutors will be currently enrolled in a graduate program or have a master's degree or Ph.D. in the discipline for which they tutor.


Peer Mentor

Salary: $19.11/hour 

Peer Mentors are Skyline College students who have successfully completed a full academic year who help students (mentees) identify and utilize the campus and community resources necessary for academic and social success at Skyline College within a safe space. This position is ideal for students who are passionate about working with our diverse student body and are well-informed about the campus environment. All positions are part-time.


SI Leader

Salary: $17.12/hour

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are peer leaders who support students taking historically difficult classes. SI Leaders attend all lectures of the class they support and facilitate group-study sessions to help students develop skills needed for success in the course. In order to become an SI Leader, students must have passed the course they intend to support with at least a B or higher grade. Students with strong social skills and/or experience overcoming challenging courses are encouraged to apply.


Information for Newly Hired and Current Staff Members

Completing Initial Paperwork, Training & Timesheets:

  • Once hired, complete a hiring packet and submit to the TLC staff assistant or call 650-738-4144.
  • You must show your driver’s license and Social Security card to process the paperwork. No one can be hired without these documents.
  • You will sign in on a physical sign-in sheet behind at the TLC every time you are on shift. This is the hard copy.
  • Once per month, you will enter your total hours on the electronic timesheet in WebSMART. You may have to project hours that have not been worked yet.
  • TLC staff usually send out a reminder to you about your timesheet - please heed the reminder and get your timesheet submitted on time!
  • All new student assistants, student tutors and grad tutors are required to complete training, upon which they will be approved for additional hours of pay (one time).


The Skyline College Peer Tutor training program is aligned with and certified under the International Tutor Training Certification program of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).