Learning Communities (LC) allow students to enroll in a preset group of classes with other students who share the same passions, interests, or specific field of study. Students take major and general education classes together (between 1-3 semesters) and work closely with specific faculty and counselors assigned to their learning community and invested in student success. Programs are co-created for students starting their higher education journey at Skyline College. 

We invite you to explore your Learning Community options with your Counselor using the Learning Community Courses and schedules handout and link to the courses on WebSchedule below.

Registration for Fall 2022 has begun! Please visit the Registration page for more information. Please contact your Counselor or set-up an appointment to connect with a Counselor via your SMCCD OneLogin account  (instructions can be found here: SMCCD Student Success Link) to ensure a completed Student Educational Plan (SEP) is active and you have a valid registration date for the semester of your interest. 

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Fall 2022 Learning Community Courses by Program - Student / Counselor / Guardian View  

By linking college skills courses, G.E. requirements, and relevant, student-focused curriculum, learning communities support pathways to earning a degree or certificate. There are three broad categories - Arts, Languages & Communication; Science, Technology & Health; and Society & Education and a search term to find program courses in WebSchedule.