An exciting alternative to traditional high school.

Middle College is an alternative education program offered by the South San Francisco Unified School District, the San Mateo Union High School District, and the Jefferson Union High School District in collaboration with Skyline College that provides high school students with an exciting and challenging learning environment where they can take control of their education, complete high school graduation, and begin accumulating college credits. Middle College is located on the Skyline College campus in San Bruno.

Middle College students complete the requirements for high school graduation while enrolled in college courses on the Skyline College campus. Students take high school courses, including self-development and College & Career exploration. Students can save $25,000 in college expenses.

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Phone: 650-738-4403

Location: Building 19-302

Middle College at Skyline College offers:

  • A mature alternative to the traditional high school environment
  • A chance to get a head start on your college degree while earning your high school diploma
  • A transition to college in a flexible, supportive, and academically enriched environment
  • A refreshing challenge with increased individual attention
  • FREE Tuition

Important Information:

A potential Middle College student:

  • Will be a Junior in good standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Has completed two years of math graduation requirement with a grade of "C" or higher
  • Is on track for graduation with a minimum 100 credits for a junior
  • May be talented/gifted but is not thriving in the traditional high school environment
  • Desires to complete high school and begin college courses
  • Demonstrates the maturity to cope with the challenges and relative freedom of a college environment
  • May show a discrepancy between standardized test scores and actual grades, indicating that she/he is not working up to potential
  • Has demonstrated appropriate, responsible and respectful behavior on the high school campus
  • Is a resident of either South San Francisco Unified School District or San Mateo High School Union School District

Location and Time Commitment

All classes are taught on the Skyline College campus. Students attend three high school classes, Monday through Friday, and attend college classes in either the morning, evening or weekends.

Subject Areas/Curriculum

The high school courses satisfy high school graduation requirements. Students will take integrated courses in American Literature and United States History. Additionally, students take a career exploration class, designed to give students a head start on college and careers and ensure that students take advantage of the many instructional support services available at Skyline College.

Educational Credit

For many courses, students can earn both high school credits and college units. Middle College students do not have to pay tuition for their courses if they take 11 units or less

Upon completion of Middle College, students can expect the following impacts:

  • High School graduation
  • Strong connection and identification with a community of learners
  • Increased motivation and engagement in project-based learning
  • Accumulation of college credits and early preparation for college admission
  • Accumulation of units toward a Career Technical Education certificate.
  • Improved communication skills and media literacy
  • Increased maturity, independence, and evidence of coping skills
  • Work experience and exploration of career options Improved attendance and academic achievement