The primary responsibility for determining which classes a student should choose rests with the student and the Middle College at Skyline College counselor. The high schools and the College will coordinate counseling services to maximize educational benefits for students. The student assumes the responsibility of obtaining high school counselor, teacher, assistant principal and parental recommendation when applying for admission and participating in the Middle College. The applications for admissions to Middle College and Skyline College must be fully completed with all required signatures. Incomplete forms will not be processed. 

College Records

All college coursework for which a grade is issued becomes part of the permanent, academic college record of the student. Once enrolled in college, all rights to access student education records belong to the student. This includes registration information, class attendance, class performance, grades, transcripts, and test scores. The student has the right to privacy of records or to authorize others to have access to their education records. A student wishing to release education records to a third party, i.e., parent must sign and submit a release form to the Office of Admissions & Records. 

Code of Conduct/Academic Standards

A Middle College student is expected to complete all class requirements, maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better in all college classes, and adhere to the code of conduct for South San Francisco Unified School District and San Mateo County Community College District. 

Registration Delays

The following conditions might affect or delay college admission: insufficient time for application processing, placement testing, prerequisite verification and college counselor review of program before classes begin, and/or limited college course offerings. 


Official withdrawal from a college course is the responsibility of the student. A student who does not withdraw in accordance with established procedures may receive a penalty grade. Details on these policies are in the class schedule.

Note: Grades earned and withdrawals processed at the college become part of your permanent College record. 

Using College Credits for H.S. Graduation

Middle College students will receive college credit for all college coursework completed. College coursework may be applied towards high school graduation requirements. College courses accepted by your high school towards meeting high school graduation requirements will be calculated in your high school GPA. 


Grades are not mailed upon completion of the semester. The Middle College will provide transcripts to the high schools. Grades and unofficial records can be accessed online through WebSMART. You may request official college transcripts online via WebSMART, by fax, or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records. 

Enrollment Fee

A Middle College student enrolled in 11 units or less is not required to pay the tuition or Health Fee. Some courses may require payment of a materials fee (see course description in class schedule). 

Parking Fee

See the parking regulations website for the latest updates.