Who may want to challenge a prerequisite?

A student who has not completed the stated prerequisite course or a student who has not achieved a qualifying score on a placement test score to meet the stated prerequisite or co-requisite for a course which he/she wants to register in.

Students are advised to determine if they qualify to file a Prerequisite Equivalency petition prior to filing a Prerequisite Challenge petition. Read more about the Prerequisite Equivalency Process.

When can a student challenge a stated prerequisite?

You can challenge a prerequisite on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. If you believe you have the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course without completing the prerequisite.
  2. If you believe that the prerequisite has been established in violation of Title 5 regulations or the SMCCCD District Model Policy.
  3. If you believe that the prerequisite is discriminatory or is being applied in a discriminatory manner.
  4. If you believe that the prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available.

How do I challenge a prerequisite?

  1. Complete the online request for Prerequisite Challenge Petition.
  2. Provide all required documentation as noted below. Incomplete petitions will not be considered.

a. Student statement/letter.  Provide a letter that explains the reason(s) you are challenging the prerequisite or co-requisite and explicitly states the skills and abilities you have that meet the prerequisite/co-requisite requirement.

b. Supporting documentation.  Appropriate documentation should include any of the following: college transcripts as evidence of successful course completion, catalog course description, course outline and/or course syllabus, documentation of professional work experience, relevant high school transcripts, letters of recommendation from employers or instructors, samples of graded papers, professional licenses or certificates, a portfolio or a demonstration of prerequisite skill.

3. Submit your Prerequisite Challenge Petition, along with appropriate documentation online.

I am an ESOL student and would like to challenge my ESOL placement. What should I do?


Please note:

  • For registration purposes, the deadline to submit this petition is no later than 5 working days prior to the last date to add the course you are challenging (refer to WebSchedule for add dates).
  • The Skyline College Counseling Division reviews all approvals for this petition.  Please allow 3-5 business days for review to be completed. During the peak period of registration, the volume of requests increases which may impact response time. You will be notified by email of the final outcome.
  • Questions regarding your prerequisite challenge and any supporting documentation should be directed to the Counseling Division.