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President's Breakfast

The Annual President’s Breakfast held in spring is hosted by Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud and the Skyline College President’s Council. The breakfast is the primary fundraising event for the Skyline College Promise Scholars Program, a program which includes a full scholarship and comprehensive support services for first time, full time students for one year. The Breakfast also supports the President’s Innovation Fund which provides faculty and staff with seed money for creative programs and services that better serve the student body. This event is a chance for the college to showcase and celebrate the impact faculty and staff have made on the lives of students and the larger community as a result of the previous year’s generous donations to the President’s Innovation Fund.

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Thank you to our 2018 sponsors:

Organization Name Amount
Auxilary Services Bauer, Tom $100,000.00
Kaiser Permanente Bowdle, William $7,500.00
Career Ladders Project Collins, Linda $7,500.00
PG&E Chiang, Bill $7,500.00
Measure K Canepa, David $5,000.00
Russell, Steven P. & Wagstaff, Nancy $5,000.00
Town of Colma Dossey, Brian $3,000.00
Summerhill Apartments Breeze, Elaine $2,500.00
City Toyota Dave Moeller $2,500.00
Group 4 Architects $2,500.00
Electrical Workers 617 Mauro, David $2,000.00
Republic Services Devincenzi, Monica G. $1,500.00
University of Texas $1,500.00
Carpenter 217 Evans, Ed $1,217.00
Electrical Workers 617 Booker, Steven $1,200.00
Hart, Scott $1,200.00
San Francisco Chronicle Jester, Michelle $1,200.00
ASF Electric Lagomarsino, Cathy $1,200.00
Recology San Bruno Pinochi, Kirsten $1,200.00
Youtube Prozan, Rebecca $1,200.00
Diaz, Jim $1,200.00
Derenzi, Ron $1,200.00
Duggan Mortuary Duggan, Dan $1,200.00
San Mateo Credit Union Enriquez-Da Silva, Michele $1,200.00
Gilson, Sheila $1,200.00
Laborers 261 Hernandez, Ramon $1,200.00
Mandelkern, Dave $1,200.00
Corporate Security Services Seltsam, Ave $1,200.00
Sowiski, Mona $1,200.00
Vizenor, Andrea $1,200.00
United Way of the Bay Area Wilson, Anne $1,200.00
Galatolo, Ron $1,010.04
Briones, Eloisa $1,008.08
Stanback Stroud, Regina $1,008.08
Gutierrez, Mary $1,000.08
Finones, Meg $1,000.00
Peeler, Grace $1,000.00
Luan, Jing $968.00
Seton Medical Center Ahn, Tina $600.00
Plumbers 467 Burri, Mark $600.00
McCarthy, Soledad $600.00
First National Bank of Northern CA McGraw, Tom $600.00
Hernandez, Ray $525.00
South San Francisco Scavenger Co. Formosa, Paul $500.00
Goodman, Maurice  $500.00
  Houpis, James  $500.00
  Powell, Danielle  $500.00
RP Group    $500.00
  Minnich, Will  $462.00
  Roumbanis, Christine  $400.00
  Cochran, Greg  $300.00
  Cochran, Karen  $300.00
  Proaño , Teresa  $300.00
  Abbott, Cindy  $300.00
Vista Pacific Dental Benton, Kim  $300.00
  Bowdle, William  $300.00
  Colin, Cherie  $300.00
  Ervin, Karen  $300.00
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Franzella, Larry  $300.00
  Lentz, Cliff  $300.00
  Martinez, Steve  $300.00
  McVean, Aaron  $300.00
State of California Mullin, Kevin  $300.00
  Norris, Maria  $300.00
  Perreras, Leila  $300.00
  Salter, Linda  $300.00
  Simms, Gary  $300.00
Sprinkler Fitters 483    $300.00

President's Breakfast Short Film

A short film is premiered each year at the President's Breakfast, highlighting the impacts and benefits of the programs funded by the President's Innovation Fund.