The Associated Students of Skyline College Governing Council recognizes that clubs often propose programs that will benefit the entire campus but are beyond the financial means of their budgets. For this reason the Governing Council budgets a limited amount of funds to help support and cosponsor these activities on campus. Student Clubs within the SOCC may apply for a grant of $500.00 per semester. SOCC members should submit their proposal directly to the SOCC for requests less than or equal to $500. For requests greater than $500, apply for the ASSC grants.

For Requests less than or equal to $500, apply for the SOCC Grant

To obtain SOCC sponsorship or support, a formal request must be submitted by emailing the SOCC advisors at least four weeks in advance of the event/activity. The request should include the following information:

  • Purpose or nature of the event/activity
  • Date, time, location of event/activity
  • List the specific duties Club Council members are expected to assume (i.e., make posters, distribute flyers, post publicity, provide funding, serve refreshments, etc.) and the time commitment involved
  • Specific duties other groups/individuals will assume

Clubs / Organizations must have attended at least 3 meetings and maintained their officially recognized status with the SOCC in order to be eligible for SOCC Grants. Programs, departments and divisions are not eligible for SOCC Grants but they may request help from individual clubs. Email inquiries can be sent to the Student Life Assistant at