Have questions about Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)?

Need support getting started with indentifying quality zero-cost to students instructional materials for your course?

For more information, any questions or assistance with Zero-Textbook Cost Resources, please contact: SkylineZTC@smccd.edu.

Skyline College ZTC Team:

Ame Maloney Faculty Services Librarian

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesDivision Office Skyline

Bianca Rowden-Quince Instructional Designer

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesCenter for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) Skyline

Pia Walawalkar Professor and Outreach and Equity Librarian

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesLibrary Skyline

Kevin Chak Bookstore Manager

Auxiliary ServicesBookstore Skyline

 Reach out to your ZTC Team for information on:

  • Recommendations for textbooks or other materials (good, bad, a little bit of both?)
  • Implementation of ZTC and Open Educational Resources (OER) materials
  • Designating your course as ZTC in WebSchedule
  • Support with revisions and packaging of OER materials
  • Tips for enhancing student experience and engagement with OERs

Your questions and comments are invaluable in helping Skyline College increase the use of ZTC on our campus. Knowing more about your experience with and desire to use ZTC will help further Skyline community's commitment to implementing equitable solutions for rising textbook costs.