The deadline to apply for degrees and certificates is April 5, 2024.

Degree Application Process

Students must apply for their degree/certificate after all required coursework has been completed or is in progress.

  1. Make sure you are ready to apply for your degree/certificate by completing the DegreeWorks evaluation on WebSMART. All required coursework should be completed or in progress; any outside coursework must have already been officially evaluated and approved through the Transcript Evaluation Service. Course substitutions must be pre-approved through the College Course Substitution Petition process.
  2. Contact Counseling Division at 650-738-4318 to book an appointment with a counselor. Counselor approval is required to apply for a Degree and/or Certificate.
  3. Log on to WebSMART.
  4. Click "Student Services."
  5. Click on the link for "Degree & Certificate Application."
  6. Click "Proceed" button to complete and submit the online application.
  7. Check your student email account for your confirmation and other important information regarding timelines and contact information.