Meet with Your ESOL Counselor Every Semester

The ESOL counselor is available to help students choose the right courses in the right order so you can meet your educational goals. The ESOL counselor will create or update your Student Educational Plan (SEP).

The Student Educational Plan (SEP) outlines a suggested course of study for you based on your major, your transfer plans and/or your school/work. To be able to have priority registration the following semester, your Student Educational Plan (SEP) must be updated every semester.

Make an appointment with your ESOL counselor. You can request help from ESL Connect.

You can also book the appointment by following the instructions in your Student Success Link.

Renew Your Financial Aid Application Every School Year

Students must apply for financial aid every year because the FAFSA determines eligibility for only one academic year. However, there is a special version of the FAFSA called the Renewal FAFSA that makes it easier to complete the form. Make sure you have the tax forms, personal information and other financial records ready.

Schedule an appointment with ESL Connect for FAFSA Renewal

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