Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based and federally-funded program that allows students opportunities to earn money through employment to help pay education expenses.

Minimum Requirements

  • Complete financial aid file and indicate you are interested in FWS program on FAFSA
  • Positive Unmet Need 
  • Registered in at least 6 financial aid eligible units at Skyline College
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress 
    • *Due to limited funding, students that meet minimum requirements are not guaranteed FWS award.

General Information

  • FWS will be offered on a first-come first-served basis, as students are hired, and while funds are available
  • Hourly rates between $15-$20.75 depending on position, job duties, and length of employment
  • 3 FWS student limit per department
  • All positions require background checks

Federal Work-Study Process


Make sure you meet all the minimum requirements.

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and indicate you are interested in the FWS program on the application.
  2. Be registered in a minimum of 6 financial aid eligible units at Skyline College.
  3. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  4. Have satisfied all financial aid requirements
    1. On WebSMART, select Financial Aid, My Eligibility, Student Requirements, and view any Unsatisfied Requirements. Submit or complete any unsatisfied requirements. If all requirements are Satisfied, you meet this eligibility.
    2. Have Unmet Financial need.
      1. On WebSMART, select Financial Aid, My Overall Status of Financial Aid, and view your estimated cost of attendance and awarded financial aid. Your cost of attendance minus your awarded financial aid is your unmet need. 
      2. If you have questions regarding the minimum requirements, contact the FWS Coordinator.

Search and apply for FWS positions.

  1. View open positions on Skyline College Student Job Board
  2. The job post will give instructions on how to apply. Apply for multiple positions!
  3. If you are selected, the hiring supervisor will contact you for an interview. Visit our Career Readiness & Job Placement website for upcoming online job-readiness events.

You are offered the position and you accept!

    1. Complete the Student Assistant Welcome Packet (Hiring Packet)
    2. Schedule LiveScan Fingerprinting
    3. Schedule Tuberculosis Test (if applicable)
    4. Complete FWS Orientation and FWS Contract


    1. Submit an FWS Employment Request Form   request to FWS Coordinator
    2. Your position will be placed on the Skyline College Student Job Board
    3. Review applications and conduct interviews
      1. To ensure FWS eligibility, you may send list of applicants to FWS Coordinator for confirmation
    4. Notify FWS Coordinator of hired student(s)
    5. FWS Coordinator will work with student to complete Student Assistant Welcome Packet (Hiring Packet), LiveScan Fingerprinting, Tuberculosis Test, Orientation and Contract.
    6. FWS Coordinator to send PAF to supervisor for appropriate signatures (i.e. Dean)
    7. FWS Coordinator will send completed PAF included with student start date and Student Assistant Welcome Packet to Payroll


DEADLINES for new hires – All new hires must complete Student Assistant Welcome Packet and PAF and submit to Payroll by the 10th of the month for the student to start working within the same month. If deadline for the month has passed, student cannot begin employment until the 1st of the following month.

Example: For the student to start working in August, all hiring paperwork and PAF must be completed and submitted to Payroll by August 10. If paperwork and PAF is submitted August 11 or later, the student cannot start working until September 1.


For more information regarding the Federal Work-Study or America Counts Tutoring Program contact:

Elizabeth Osai