Committee Membership as established in Committee Bylaws   


Paul Cassidy (Resource)

Kevin Chak - Bookstore Manager

Cherie Colin – Director of Community Relations and Marketing

Jarrod Feiner – Language Arts, Faculty Representative

Vince Garcia (Resource)

Mousa Ghanma – STEM /HAZMAT Classified Representative

Zaid Ghori – GLPS, Interim Dean

Hong Guo – ASLT, Classified Representative

Josh Harris – SSCA, Classified Representative

Jerry Hsu – ASSC, Student Representative

Lori Lisowski – CSEA Representative, ASLT

Robert Lopez – STEM, Faculty Representative

Golda Margate – VPSS, Classified – Ex-officio

Rubielyn Bactad-Ruiza – Counseling

Ben Zara Minken (Resource)

Will Minnich – Dean of Enrollment Services

Joe Morello – Vice-President of Administrative Services

Dino Nomicos – KAD, Dean

Sha'Kuana Ona, CSEA Representative, Promise / Counseling

Sherrie Prasad – VPI, Classified – Ex-officio

Michele Rudovsky (Resource)

Jessica Silver-Sharp – AFT Representative, ASLT

Lori Slicton – AFT Representative, SSCA

Masao Suzuki – SSCA, Faculty Representative

Theresa Tentes – President, Classified – Ex-officio

Kwame Thomas – COUN/SESP, Faculty Representative

Brian Tupper (Resource)

Jim Vangele – Public Safety Captain

Max Warne – Facilities Manager

Tina Watts – BEPP, Faculty Representative

Florence Yun – ASSC, Student Representative