These Courtesy Telephones call Public Safety, Facilities, and all Campus Extensions.

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Outdoors / Exterior (Blue Phones)

Building Location
1 Loading Dock area across from 1-155 (Gallery)- Not Blue
3 First floor between elevator and glass doors
3 Second floor between elevator and glass doors
4 Second floor near glass door entrance by third floor stairs
4 Second floor on north wall facing the traffic circle
12 North side of building facing Lot G
19 At corner of building at entrance into Lot L – Not Blue
19 Facing Lot L near Passport Office – Not Blue

Interior Phones

Building Location
1 First floor across from 1-121 next to handicap push button
1 Third floor near 1-307 and across from elevator
3 First floor entry hallway
3 Second floor between 3-201 and 3-205
4 First floor near elevator
4 Second floor near interior entrance to the Intercultural Center and traffic circle sliding door
4 Third floor outside 4-311
5 First floor lobby
6 First floor near 6-106 (Public Safety)
6 First floor hallway near west facing doors toward Building 7
6 Second floor hallway near 6-202
7A First floor southeast wall across from division office
7 First floor across from 7-105
7 First floor across from EMC display case
7 Second floor near 7-203 Sterile Processing Lab
7 Second floor near 7-209 and southeast stairway
7 Third floor near 7-307 and STEM Center
7 Third floor near 7-308 and STEM Center
8 First floor in lobby near 8-115
8 First floor near elevator in between lockers and 8-125
8 Second floor near elevator
8 Third floor lobby area near 8-304
11 Near room 11-104
12 Across from room 12-130 and next to restrooms
19 Hallway phone across from 110 (Admissions and Records)