• Promulgate internal committee rules to promote and maintain a safe, healthful campus environment, educating and training personnel in safe work practice.
  • Recommend consistent District-wide procedures for scheduling safety inspections to identify and correct any unsafe conditions and work practices that may be in conflict with bargaining unit contracts.
  • Discuss accident and illness prevention methods, injury and illness records, and the results of regular safety inspections.
  • Make recommendations to College Administration and District Safety Management Committee on the elimination of risks, corrective actions on identified hazards, and training needed to maintain environmental safety within the District.

Meeting and Contact Information



12:45pm - 2:05pm


First Thursday of each month - excluding Jan, Jun, Jul, Aug.
Committee charged to meet at least quarterly.

Questions? Contact us.

Our Charge

The Health, Safety and Emergency Committee promotes a healthful and safe environment for staff and students, educating and training personnel in safe work practices.

Review the HSPEC Bylaws   and the CBA Agreements.