Yuele Zhang (Nora)

Country of Citizenship: China

Major: Biochemistry

Admitted to: UC Berkeley and UCLA

"Skyline College is a great place where I found passion and comfort. I received tons of help and support from Skyline faculty and students."


Aimi Liyana Raja Dolah

Country of Citizenship: Malaysia

Major: Psychology

Admitted to: UC Berkeley

"I have never thought that college life would be so fun. Skyline College has taught me how to be a student with an outstanding achievement."


Caroline Barros

Country of Citizenship: Brazil

Major: Political Science

Admitted to: UC Berkeley

“Skyline College helped me become the academic I've always wanted to be. I am now transferring to my dream school and I am so thankful to Skyline College for making it all possible.”


Abiodun Foresythe (Abi)

Country of Citizenship: Nigeria

Major: Biology, Concentration in Pre-Med

Admitted to: UC Berkeley and UCLA

"With the opportunity of getting the Global Becca Scholarship, Skyline has helped my family and I financially. Skyline College has provided me with a foundation on which to build greater things, allowing me to meet great people from different clubs and cultures."


Wing Nam Leung (Tess)

Country of Citizenship: Hong Kong

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Admitted to: UC Berkeley

"The study environment was a great fit for me and my professors and friends supported my academic journey. Counselors here are so friendly and caring. They have always listened to my concerns and gone above and beyond to support me whenever I had difficult times. I appreciate their hard work and assistance for my success."


Donway Dolceldo Sy

Country of Citizenship: Philippines

Major: Business Administration

Admitted to: University of British Columbia

“Skyline College helped me achieve not just a good GPA, but also to gain a new perspective of my surroundings. Coming from a country where excelling in my academic work was sufficient, I have been challenged to learn other skills, make new friends and come out of my comfort zone!”


Yi Rui Gwee (Tiffany)

Country of Citizenship: Malaysia

Major: Business

Admitted to: Johns Hopkins University ($20,000 scholarship)

“I’ve spent two years at Skyline College and I really enjoyed my time here. Thanks to all the help I received from Skyline faculty and staff members, I am transferring to Johns Hopkins Business School with $20,000 scholarship!”


Sujaya Chandran

Country of Citizenship: India

Major: Psychology

Admitted to: UC Berkeley and Mills College ($17,000 scholarship)

“Skyline College has been a vibrant and enriching experience. From the great professors I have had, amazing support from the International Student Program I have received, great learning experience and the wonderful friends I have made.”


Nellyana Altuve Rojo

Country of Citizenship: Venezuela

Major: Political Science

Admitted to: UC Berkeley and Menlo College ($82,000 scholarship)

"Skyline opened doors for me and made me feel welcomed, I felt like I belonged right away. It supported me in achieving my educational goals. Today I’m beyond thankful to Skyline College because I will receive 3 associate degrees related to my major and priceless experience in leadership."


May Myat Noe Tun

Country of Citizenship: Myanmar

Major: Public Health/Human Sciences

Admitted to: UCLA

"My two years at Skyline College have been nothing but rewarding. In addition to the support of helpful counselors, professors and faculty who I can always ask for advice, I have gained lifelong friendships and networks and they are the sole reason to why I was accepted into my dream university."