ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19, physical access to The Learning Center is not available. We will be able to answer questions through phone, text, chat or email during normal operation hours. 

Remote tutoring is available through the Learning Center!

Resources Available to Students:

  • Audacity software: for recording your voice to strengthen your spoken English skills
  • Headphones with attached microphone for easy voice recording and interaction with language- learning software
  • Access to a quiet study area to complete assigned work for ESOL and Global Languages courses. 
  • Free, easy to use web applications for learning English composition and grammar

How Can I Use the Resources of the Language Lab?

Students or faculty who wish to use the Language Lab resources should make a reservation by calling (650) 739-4144 or emailing The Learning Center.

How Can I Gain Access to the Resources at a Learning Center Lab?

Students who wish to use tutoring services at any Learning Center Lab must enroll in one Learning Skills (LSKL) Class. Learning Skills are not graded and students can choose between:

  • LSKL 803: A free, repeatable class with zero units that is non-degree applicable
  • LSKL 800: A pass/no pass class with your choice of 0.5 or 1.0 units of credit
    • 0.5 units = approximately 1.5 hours per week spent using Learning Center resources
    • 1.0 unit = approximately 3 hours per week spent using Learning Center resources

How Can I Enroll in a Learning Skills Class?

Students can sign up for LSKL 800 or LSKL 803 through WebSMART.