Uploading to the Skyline College Oral History YouTube channel

Before uploading, save or re-name files with a unique, identifiable name, such as student’s last name and first initial, then dash, then segment title, e.g. JonesA-Seg1.mp4 or PerezR-ComingToUS.mp4

Videos must be saved in a video file format, such as .MP4 or .MOV.  If you use Windows MovieMaker or iMovie, you cannot upload a project file; you have to save your final edited video(s) as a video file. For example, in MovieMaker, select "Save Movie - From Computer" or, to upload directly to YouTube, select "Share, to YouTube" (if you share directly to YouTube, you must be logged into the skylinecollegeoralhistory YouTube channel (see below.)

To upload videos from a computer web browser:

Go to youtube.com

Click on the Upload button at the top of the page (to the right of the search box)

When asked to sign in,

For User Name or Email, enter: skylinecollegeoralhistory

For Password, enter: SkylineL*****y   (S & L must be capital) (use correct letters instead of ****)

Click: Sign in

Do NOT upload to your own YouTube account, only to the skylinecollegeoralhistory channel.

Click on: Select Files to Upload

Select files to upload or drag and drop video files

Be sure to set the privacy setting to: Public.



To create a Playlist: On computer web browser:

Click on the icon to the right of “SkylineCollegeOralHistory” at the upper right of the page

Click on: Video Manager

Click on check boxes to the left of each of your video files

After all of your videos have been checked, click on the Playlists pull-down menu at the top of the video list and select: Add to New Playlist

In the Enter playlist name box, enter the name of the person you interviewed Click: “Create Playlist”