step1: apply, step2: attend orientation, step3: assessment, step4: see a counselor, step:5 register

Get excited about the road ahead.

Orientation is your chance to get to know Skyline College and to learn about the information, resources and tools you’ll need to be successful here.

Orientation is an important resource for new students, and you’ll need to complete Orientation before you can schedule a placement test, meet with your counselor and register for classes.

Who must complete Orientation?

We strongly recommend that all new students complete Orientation! However, this requirement is officially determined by the Educational Goal that you selected when you applied to Skyline College. If you have selected an Educational Goal that exempts you from Orientation, you must submit a Student Success & Support Exemption Petition in order for this requirement to be waived.

Orientation is REQUIRED if:

You have declared any of the following Educational Goals:

  • Obtaining an Associate Degree or Vocational Certificate
  • Plan on transferring to a four-year college or university
  • Undecided about your major and/or educational goal
Or if:
  • You are limited in your English proficiency

Orientation is NOT REQUIRED if:

You have declared any of the following Educational Goals:

  • Taking classes for educational development (intellectual, cultural and physical)
  • Taking a course that is legally mandated for employment or needed due to a significant change in industry licensure standards
  • Concurrently enrolled at a four-year college or university taking courses to meet 4-year requirements

Students who believe they qualify to be exempt from the New Student Orientation must submit a Student Success & Support Exemption Petition.

Orientation is currently offered online

Online Orientation

The online orientation can be accessed through your WebSmart account (login and click on the Student tab, then look for “Student Online Orientation”). Most students complete online orientation in 30 minutes. Explore the website links and watch the informational videos. You do not need to complete the online orientation in one sitting; you can log out and pick up where you left off.

Upon completion of the online orientation, you will complete an English and math assessment online. The assessment consists of answering questions about your high school grade point average (GPA) and the English and math classes you completed in high school.

Note: For English Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) students and International students are required to complete the ESOL assessment online.  Upon completion of the online orientation, please schedule your appointment by sending an email to

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