Meet with a Counselor

Our counselors can assist you with educational planning, academic probation/dismissal concerns, associate degree and certificate planning and application, transcript evaluations and course planning, transfer planning, and major/career exploration.

To schedule a general counseling appointment, you may select from one of the following options:

Contact Us


Phone: 650-738-4318

Hours: 8:00am-6:30pm (Mon-Thur) & 8:00am-12:00pm (Friday only)

Video Appointment

  • Video appointments are held online through Zoom.
  • You will need a desktop or a laptop computer works best (smartphones and tablets may work but are limited in what they provide for the appointment); a working webcam (optional); and a working microphone (required).
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Phone Appointment

  • This appointment will be held by phone.
  • Be sure your voicemail box is not full in case we need to leave you a message when scheduling.


You will submit your question(s) using the Ask-a-Counselor form and a response will be sent to your email.

Ask-a-Counselor by Email  

Drop-In Counseling

  • Drop-in counseling will be held online through Zoom.
  • Drop-In Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12pm-4pm
  • The purpose of Drop-In Counseling is to answer quick questions regarding your educational plan and to handle immediate questions that impact your current classes.
  • Counselors cannot do extensive evaluations; degree or certificate petitions; serve financial aid, veteran’s, academic probation/dismissal students; or extensive transfer planning.
  • Zoom Password: skyline
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Additional Student Support

Registration Issues

Please email Skyline Counseling for questions regarding Skyline admissions or registration such as:

  • CCC Apply (admission application)
  • Registration error messages; adding/dropping classes
  • Check the status of a Counseling form you submitted

Degree or Certificate Questions
Prerequisite Requests
  • Submit a Prerequisite Equivalency Request if you can demonstrate with a college-level course (and earned with "C" grade or higher) equivalent to the prerequisite.
  • Submit a Prerequisite Challenge Request if you have not met the prerequisite with a college-level course equivalent (and earned with "C" grade or higher), but you can demonstrate having met the prerequisite through other supportive documentation.
  • For non-native English speakers (it is strongly recommended to meet with a Skyline Counselor): ESOL Prerequisite Challenge Process