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With over 100 degree and certificate programs to choose from, we’re sure that Skyline College has the program for you!

Skyline College offers many wonderful programs, groups, and societies to complement your academics: come join us!

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Want to take college courses during high school?

Concurrent Enrollment

This enrichment program is designed to provide high school students (9th-12th grade) the opportunity to enroll in college courses (up to 11.5 units) for free! High school students can receive college credit for coursework successfully completed.

Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment is a partnership program with our local high schools and allow students (9th-12th grade) to enroll in college courses, generally offered at the high school sites. Similar to the concurrent enrollment program, students can receive college credit for coursework successfully completed while fulfilling high school requirements.

Dual Enrollment

Middle College

Our Middle College program is an alternative education program that allows students to complete their last two years of high school requirements and begin earning college credits while enrolled in college courses on the Skyline College campus.

Middle College

JumpStart Program

Are you an upcoming 11th or 12th grader that needs to recover credits for high school? Join the JumpStart program to upgrade your Math & English skills, recover credits, and earn college credits over the summer.


Preparing for college while finishing high school?

Priority Enrollment Program

Graduating high school seniors participating in the Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) receive priority registration dates at Skyline College for the summer and fall terms, which means a higher chance of enrolling in first-choice classes.

PEP Information

Check out Transfer Paths

If you want to start your education at Skyline College and then transfer to a 4-year college, our Associate Degrees for Transfer are a great way to guarantee entry into a variety of universities.

Transfer Center

Scoping out your first year of college with us?

Learning Communities

Enroll in a preset group of classes with a community of students who share the same passions, interests, or specific field of study.

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Promise Scholars Program

This is a completion and retention support program that provides financial aid, resources, and services to support student success and completion.

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Explore all of the communities, student groups, and resources at your fingertips. We are so excited to meet you at Skyline College!

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Career Programs

If you are interested in gaining technical skills to start your career, take a look at our Career Technical Education programs to get you started on the path to your dream job.

Career Programs

Degrees & Certificates

With over 100 degree and certificate programs to choose from, we’re sure that Skyline College has the program for you!

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Class Schedule

Take a look at look at the classes Skyline College currently offers and the ones the College will offer next semester using the WebSchedule tool.

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