Skyline College Education Master Plan

AY 2023/2024 - 2027/2028

What is the Education Master Plan (EMP)?

  • The College comes together to determine what we need to focus on to live up to our Mission-Vision-Values
  • The EMP documents the College’s priorities for the next 5 years, and lays out a plan for the work ahead
  • The EMP is the “North Star” for the College; It informs all other planning and resource allocation

The People's Plan Strategic Goals: 

Skyline College is committed to exploring, innovating, and reimagining our College, in alignment with District priorities, to meet the ever‑evolving needs of the communities we serve.

With this intention, our AY2023/24 – AY2027/28 EMP is focused on the following goals:

  1. Be an antiracist and equitable institution.
  2. Increase student enrollment by being responsive to the communities we serve.
  3. Ensure that all students have the support and resources needed to achieve their educational goals.
  4. Cultivate civic-mindedness to empower self and strengthen society.
  5. Foster a thriving learning and work environment.
  6. Ensure fiscal stability to support the College mission and maintain public trust.


Who develops the EMP?

  • Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC)
    • Constituent committee with representatives from each of the College’s constituent groups (Academic Senate, Associated Students, Classified Senate, and Management Council) plus the College’s Instructional and Student Services Divisions
    • Oversees and coordinates the EMP process; Votes to recommend to the College Governance Council (CGC)
  • Office of Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE)
    • Carries out research to inform the EMP (External scan, internal scan, surveys)
    • Consolidates community input and develops EMP drafts for SPARC and community review
  • Skyline College Community (students and employees)
    • Generate ideas via workshops, Town Halls, and Division Meetings
    • Give input via their SPARC reps (divisional and/or constituent group)
    • Provide feedback on EMP drafts posted to the public website

Click here to view the SMCCCD External Environmental Scan  

Education Master Plan Timeline

Steps in the EMP Process Date
Strategic Planning Training – SCUP workshop for SPARC members Jun 14-15, 2021
SPARC reviews current EMP Goals and Outcomes Oct 28, 2021
Environmental Scan in SPARC (external opportunities and threats) Dec 9, 2021
SPARC reviews SMCCCD Strategic Plan to inform EMP goal alignment Jan 27, 2022
Internal Scan in SPARC (student enrollment and outcome trends) Feb 10, 2022
SPARC develops initial draft of EMP Goals Feb-Mar 2022
SPARC Members solicit constituent feedback on EMP draft goals Mar-Apr 2022
Student input on EMP goals and strategies – ASSC & Focus Group Mar-Apr 2022
Flex Day EMP Workshops on draft goals & strategy development Apr 21, 2022
SPARC reviews and incorporates community input on draft goals Apr 28, 2022
SPARC Approves tentative EMP goals May 12, 2022
College Governance Council (CGC) approves EMP goals May 25, 2022
EMP Task Group drafts strategies for EMP goals Summer 2022
First read of draft strategies in SPARC Aug 25, 2022
SPARC Members solicit constituent feedback on EMP draft strategies Sep 2022
Constituent group leaders engage in EMP exercises at Integrated Planning Summit Oct 18 & 22, 2022
Progress shared out at all-College Integrated Planning Town Hall Nov 3, 2022
PRIE staff lead EMP exercises at Division Meetings Nov-Dec 2022
SPARC reviews and revises draft strategies Dec 8, 2022
PRIE Office consolidates community input into a first EMP draft  Dec 2022-Jan 2023
EMP draft posted to Skyline College website for public comment through Feb 15 Jan 19, 2023
SPARC welcomes community for review and discussion of draft EMP Jan 26, 2023
SPARC members and PRIE staff collect feedback on first draft  Feb 2023
SPARC members and PRIE staff review feedback to finalize EMP draft March 2023
Final EMP draft posted to public website with last call for essential edits April 7-20, 2023
SPARC votes to send the draft EMP to CGC for approval April 27, 2023
Skyline College CGC and College President Approve the EMP May 24, 2023
SMCCCD Board of Trustees approves "The People's Plan: Skyline College Education Master Plan for AY2023/24 - AY2027/28" June 28, 2023
The People's Plan for AY2023/24-AY2027/28 goes into effect August 2023