How to Satisfy the Information Literacy Requirement

Students with catalog rights beginning Fall 2011 must satisfy an information literacy requirement prior to graduation. This is a basic competency requirement for the Associate Degree awarded by Skyline College. This requirement does not apply to those seeking a certificate from Skyline College. Before attempting to complete Option B or C below, please check with a counselor or use DegreeWorks to be sure you are definitely required to meet this requirement.

Fulfill the information literacy requirement by meeting ONE of the following options:

  • Option A: Satisfactory completion of a Skyline College ENGL 100 course or ENGL 105 course taken Fall 2011 or thereafter; OR
  • Option B: Satisfactory completion of the Skyline College Information Literacy Tutorial (registration opens in February 2020); OR
  • Option C: Satisfactory completion of an equivalent college‐level information literacy or information competency course or requirement, and submitting a completed Information Literacy Equivalency Petition   to Gabriela Nocito.

If you have questions regarding the Information Literacy Requirement, please call us at 650-738-4311.