Educational Benefits

The Skyline College Veterans Center offers assistance with applying for education benefits. The following educational benefits are available to veterans and dependents at Skyline College:


  • Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill)
  • Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill - Transfer of Entitlement)
  • Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty)
  • Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation): Veterans who qualify for educational benefits as disabled
         veterans may be entitled to special educational benefits. Veterans should visit the Veterans
         Administration Regional Office, 1301 Clay Street, North Tower, Oakland, CA 94612, to determine
         their eligibility for disabled status (telephone: 1-800-827-1000).
  • Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill - Reservists)
  • Chapter 1607 (Montgomery GI Bill - Reserve Educational Assistance Program)
  • Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance)
  • Active Duty Tuition Assistance: contact your military educational office.
  • California Veterans Fee Waiver Program (Dependents of Veterans with a Service-Connected
         Disability): Children and spouses of U.S. Veterans with service connected disabilities may be
         eligible for waiver of college fees and/or for a small monthly payment. For more information see
         Silvia Martinez at Admissions and Records in Building 2. Telephone: (650) 738- 4462.


For more information regarding educational benefits offered to veterans please visit GI-Bill website.


For a summarized version of the kinds of educational institutions and any problems that veterans have had with the Post-9/11GI-Bill please read the article "Why Should I Attend an Accredited College?" This article was referenced by the VA and was created by, which is an organization that has a database of all accredited colleges.


Please note that in order for a student to use their benefits while attending Skyline College, the student must be a regularly matriculated student and all classes taken must be required for the educational objective selected.

Skyline College is listed by the Veterans Administration as qualified to receive students under various programs. Students interested in attending Skyline College under the veterans' programs should contact the Veterans' Affairs Assistant in the Office of Admissions and Records to initiate a claim for education benefits. The amount of benefits received by each veteran will vary according to the following scale of units attempted:


  • 12 units - full-time benefits
  • 9 units - three-quarters benefits
  • 6 units - one-half benefits


Veterans may also receive college credit upon presentation of discharge papers (DD214) showing honorable discharge and active service of one year or more. Eligible veterans may receive a total of six units of credit and may qualify for up to 14 additional units for work satisfactorily completed under certain training programs in the armed forces. Proof of such work should be presented to the Office of Admissions and Records, where these records will be evaluated and any credit awarded will be posted to the student's record. These units cannot be counted toward the semester unit requirement for collecting benefits.

Students in the six-month Reserve Training Programs are not eligible for this credit. This is in accordance with the recommendation of the American Council on Education, issued September, 1968.


Military Service Credit

For academic credit purposes for graduation, a veteran is defined as an honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces who was on active duty for one year or longer With appropriate separation or discharge papers, veterans may be exempted from the Physical Education requirement and be granted six units of elective credit toward the Associate degree.

Veterans may receive credit for military service schools toward the Associate in Arts/Science degree requirements upon presentation of proof to the Office of Admissions and Records. Units of credit for military service (6 units) and military service schools (to a maximum of 14 units) will be recorded and annotated on the student's academic record.


Military Withdrawal

Military withdrawal may be requested when a student who is a member of an active or reserve United States military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. Upon verification of such orders, a military withdrawal symbol (MW) will be assigned for each course if the withdrawal occurs after the period during which no notation is made for withdrawals on the student's record. Military withdrawals are not counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations. Students granted military withdrawal may request a refund of the enrollment fee. The entire enrollment fee will be refunded unless academic credit has been awarded.


Veteran Dependent Exemption

The State of California provides a program for children of veterans  who are deceased or disabled from service connected causes. Applications  should be made to the California Department of Veterans Affairs, 875  Stevenson Street, Suite 250, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415) 554-7100.


For further information contact:

Silvia Martinez  Office of Admissions and Records (650) 738-4462

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