Veterans Resources Overview

Welcome veterans! We are honored to have you on campus and look forward to your continued success here. For some veterans, going back to school can present unique challenges. If that is true for you, remember that you do not have to face these challenges on your own. We are here to help.

We are committed to helping students make the best possible choices while attaining the maximum assistance, guidance, and support while pursuing their educational goals. Skyline College assures its veteran students receive superb support services, and resources for personal growth and development, and educational success. Skyline College is a participant in the VA Principles of Excellence. Find out more at

Mission Statement

This mission is founded upon the following core values:

  • Academic Excellence - demonstrating the individual character required to translate thought into action under adverse or challenging conditions
  • Honest Collaboration - cultivating in ourselves and others the willingness and steadfastness to act honestly and cooperatively
  • Mutual Respect and Diversity - acknowledging the dignity and worth of all beings and preserving the richness of our culture and diversity
  • Civility - giving of oneself to enhance the life and richness of the college and behaving courteously
  • Sensitivity - exhibiting compassion and kindness towards others.

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