The library’s fundamental purpose is to support the learner-centered teaching mission of Skyline College and the San Mateo County Community College District.  The library’s mission is to directly contribute to the achievement of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional levels. 

As a central part of the College learning community, the library provides students, faculty, and staff with resources, services, courses, and facilities that support the College’s mission and values and it is in line with the People's College Initiative


Skyline PCI Lotus

Core Values

Academic excellence

  • By providing users with instruction in accessing, retrieving, and evaluating information resources in all formats  (i.e. information competency)
  • By providing varied, authoritative, and up-to-date resources – in both print and electronic formats -- suitable to a lower division college level, in all major fields of knowledge, including materials in occupational education and training
  • By providing a variety of materials, programs, exhibitions and activities

Lifelong learning

By providing information on current matters of public interest and controversy and by supporting and encouraging independent learning and intellectual growth.


Appreciation for diversity

By covering topics and issues relevant to the diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, social, and economic background of the College community.

Open access

By providing equal and unhindered access (including remote access) to print and electronic information resources for students with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities and learning styles.

Community connection

By serving as a library open to the general public and promoting social awareness and responsibility

Shared governance

By advocating and facilitating faculty and staff participation in establishing and enhancing the library’s collections and services.

Skyline College Library is committed to developing joint policies, procedures, and other coordinated activities that will better serve users of the three libraries of the San Mateo Community College District.