Student Educational Plan (SEP)

If you plan to obtain an associate degree or vocational certificate here at Skyline College, or transfer to a four-year university to complete a bachelor's degree, a Student Educational Plan (SEP) should be developed during your first semester in attendance.

A SEP outlines a suggested course of study for you based on your major, your transfer plans and/or your school/work schedule.

How to Develop Your SEP

Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to develop and update their SEP each semester or when a change is made to their major, transfer goals, or other pertinent factors. 

It is very important to meet with a counselor at least once a semester to review your SEP and make modifications as needed.

You can make an appointment in Bldg. 2, at the Counseling Counter, by calling (650) 738-4318 or via WebSMART.

The best time to schedule your appointment for a SEP is:

Fall Semester: September - October

Spring Semester: February - March

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