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Student Success Program

What is the Student Success Program?

The Student Success Program at Skyline College provides support for students who may be experiencing academic difficulties and want to improve their academic performance. We have dedicated Student Success Counselors who partner with students learn about their academic standing, develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP), discuss strategies to improve academic record, and set goals for the future. The Student Success Program is designed to help students get back on course and successfully reach their goals. The Student Success Program consists of three steps: Counseling, Student Success Conference, Counseling Follow Up.

This program consists of two major steps:

Make an appointment today to meet with a Student Success Counselor by calling (650) 738-4318. During your appointment you will learn about your academic standing, develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP), discuss strategies to improve your academic record, and set goals for the future. For students on Probation 1 for the first time, updating your SEP by April 27, 2018 will allow you to maintain your priority registration. Make an appointment today by calling (650) 738-4318.

Attend the Student Success Conference on April 7, 2018 from 8:00am-1:30pm at the Skyline College Fireside Dining Room. The Student Success Conference will allow you to be eligible for an early registration clearance, opportunity to win prizes, attend student success workshops, and connect with campus resources.

Register today!

*Student Success Conference is for students on first time dismissal only.

After the Student Success Conference, you will need to make a counseling appointment with a counselor to develop strategies to get back onto good standing. The counselor may also recommend that you submit a Mid Semester Progress Report   (MSPR)* to monitor your progress and determine appropriate interventions.

*MSPR required for students on dismissal

How to sign up?

You can register for a Student Success Conference by completing the registration survey on step 2, calling the Counseling Center at 650-738-4318, sign up in person at the counseling desk in building 2. Space is limited to the first 100 students.

All workshops are located in Building 6, Room 6203 unless indicated otherwise. 

Additional Resources