Skyline College is committed to preparing students for today’s competitive job market by providing relevant job skills through industry informed certificates and degrees certificates and degrees that lead to careers in high-demand industry sectors.

Skyline College values working with major employers to develop high quality workforce solutions. Thoughtful collaboration with bay area employers that provide increased opportunities and advancement for students is of great interest to us. Would you like to partner with Skyline College? If so, contact us at

Programs can be completed in as little as five to 10 months and prepare individuals for exciting in-demand careers in the Bay Area.

Short-Term Workforce Training Programs

Junior Full-Stack Development

As the line between what can be done on the front end versus back end blurs as the tech industry expands, more developers are becoming what is called “full-stack.” Employers, especially in the Bay Area, are looking for developers who know how to work on all the parts of a site. Skyline College has partnered with Qwasar Silicon Valley to offer this competency-based program in the full-stack development field.

This program will train students in the following categories of full-stack development:

  • Students will learn a plethora of programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, React.js, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Front-end development: The graphics of a website or application.
  • Back-end development: The “under the hood” databases and applicaion infrastructure.
  • Full-stack development: The combination of front-end and back-end to deliver a functioning application.

Register for an informational session here. For more information on the program, visit the Full-Stack Development splashpage.