Cannot make it to campus to meet with a counselor? No problem! Students can now schedule a 30 minute online counseling appointment.  

About the Online Counseling appointment

Students scheduling an online counseling appointment, will be able have a face-to-face meeting with a counselor online. Similar to an in-person counseling appointment, a student will be able to communicate with their counselor, ask questions, and share and view documents.

Students connect through the use of their computer/laptop, tablet, or smart phone using ConferZoom. ConferZoom is an online video conferencing system. Upon scheduling an appointment, an invitation is sent to students with instructions on how to connect to ConferZoom.

Review the questions below to determine if you are eligible to schedule an Online Counseling appointment.

All current or returning students are eligible to schedule an online counseling appointments. Students who are new to Skyline College should contact the Counseling Division at (650) 738-4318 for assistance. All students must have a Skyline College Student ID number to be eligible to schedule a counseling appointment.

Please note that information provided by this service is specific to Skyline College. Students attending College of San Mateo or Canada College should contact the Counseling Departments at the respective colleges.

Concurrent Enrollment Students (student’s entering high school, or currently enrolled in high school) are not eligible to schedule virtual or phone counseling appointments. For assistance, please visit the Concurrent Enrollment page.

Due to high demand, priority consideration for appointments is given to Skyline College students (students enrolled in 6 units or more during the semester in which the request is made).

Students are allowed three (3) counseling appointments per semester (in-person or online). An Online Counseling appointment will count toward this limit.

To schedule your Online Counseling appointment, please contact the Counseling Division at (650) 738-4318. To schedule an appointment, you will need a Student I.D. Number (G#). Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will be sent an invitation and instructions on how to log onto ConferZoom for your Online Counseling appointment.