The CTTL Instructional Design & Technology staff and faculty assist faculty with instructional design and technology (IDT) needs on a one-on-one basis, as well as by facilitating workshops, brown bags, and presentations, workshops and trainings. Informed by learning and instructional theories, as well as best practices and standards, IDT includes distance education, educational technology, pedagogy, curriculum design, assessment design, multimedia training and production, accessibility, etc.

Location and Contact

M. Ricardo Flores
Instructional Technologist
Building 5, Room 5-118A
Phone: 650-738-7147
Email: floresr@smccd.edu


Please check the CTTL Calendar for upcoming workshops

Instructional Technology at the CTTL

The effective use of teaching and learning technologies is an increasingly important part of good teaching. The CTTL  provides support for a wide variety of technology needs — from the selection of the right tools to understand the best ways of implementing them in your teaching. Our staff always puts teaching and learning first, so talk to us about your instructional goals, and we will help you find the right technologies and pedagogies to meet your needs.

Please check the CTTL calendar for upcoming workshops, or contact us for individual assistance or the creation of customized workshops for your department.

Instructional Technology Services

How can we assist you or your department with teaching and learning technologies? The CTTL staff members can help you to:

  1. Identify appropriate technologies
    • identify technologies that can address specific learning bottlenecks or challenges
    • match specific tools to your teaching goals
    • investigate and evaluate new technologies
  2. Learn to use technologies
    • understand specific tools (such as Canvas, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.) and develop approaches to integrating them into your teaching practices
    • train you and your department to use technology and media tools most effectively 
    • capture and convert print, audio, and video content for use in your classes
    • explore the development of original rich media content—video, graphics, multimedia, etc. 
    • training for faculty and staff on Accessibility best practices and methods in online and hybrid course design.
  3. Implement technologies for teaching and learning
    • identify the best ways to move content and collaboration online
    • help you anticipate and plan for problems that your students might experience
    • assist creating media to support learning and instruction (e.g., visual aids, action guides, various multimedia artifacts for instructional purposes for either hybrid, online, or face-to face instruction)
    • research and evaluate the use of technologies and their impact on student learning outcomes

Instructional Technology Workshops

Upcoming workshop information will be posted in the CTTL web calendar whenever new workshops become available. Sample topics include: Image editing and optimization with Photoshop, Screen Casting with a variety of software such as Camtasia or ScreenFlow, Adobe Acrobat Dynamic Forms, Canvas LMS, Podcasting, Google Apps, and more!

In an effort to serve the widest number of faculty and staff possible, workshops are offered on a recurring basis with varying times and dates. One-on-one appointments are also available for those who cannot attend a workshop, as well as for those who prefer to work on specific material.

Determining Support Needs: IDT or Information Technology Services?

Instructional Design &Technology overlaps with other disciplines and departments such as SMCCCD Information Technology Services, Educational Access Center (EAC) Assistive Technology, Web Design, Graphic Design, Media Services, Curriculum Design, etc. The simplest way to narrow it down is to answer the question; “Is this for instruction?” If the answer is yes, then it is very likely that the Instructional Designer or Instructional Technologist can help. If the answer is no, then it probably requires ITS, or one of the other departments designed to serve you and your students' needs. If you are not certain about where to go for help you may contact the CTTL’s at 650.738.7147 and you will be assisted in determining which campus resource is the best fit for your needs.