Quality Online Teaching and Learning (QOTL) Course

Skyline College faculty who will teach an online or hybrid course, need to successfully complete a five-week QOTL training course in Canvas. 

Obtain approval from your dean about teaching in the online modality and then contact the Distance Education Coordinator for further instructions on upcoming QOTL offerings and registration.

As of Spring 2016, any courses taught in an online or hybrid format must be approved via a course review process.  During the QOTL course, faculty will create 80% of a course to be reviewed in this process.   Compensation is provided for completion and submission of one hybrid or online course for the CTTL consultative review.

The Quality Online Teaching and Learning course introduces the basics of using the Canvas learning management system, with the chance to practice what you learn through a series of hands-on exercises focused on the subject you teach.  There is also significant interaction with colleagues regarding online teaching pedagogy.  

QOTL Course Guide 2020  

The OEI Course Design rubric is used to evaluate the courses.  This rubric, developed by California Community Colleges, establishes standards related to course design, interaction, collaboration, learner support, and accessibility. 

 For more information, contact Christopher Collins, Distance Education Coordinator.


Quality Online Teaching and Learning 2 is a course designed for experienced instructors who have been teaching online for at least 3 years, or need re-certification for distance education.







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