You served. Now let Skyline College serve you.

Skyline College is here to empower you to achieve your educational goals and we are especially proud to serve our nation's veterans.

In order to register for classes at Skyline College and apply for VA Educational Benefits, student veterans will need to follow the seven steps below. Please note that financial aid is also available. Visit the financial aid website for more information about how you can afford to pay for college.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to consult the catalog for Admissions Requirements before you apply if you currently reside outside of California.

Steps to Enrollment

Apply to Skyline College using a California Community Colleges OpenCCC account.

Once you create on OpenCCC account, you’ll begin the application process where you’ll be asked for your intended major and an educational goal, along with some basic personal, educational and residency information.

After applying, you’ll receive communication from the college once your application has been reviewed. For students that have been admitted to the college, your Student ID Number (G-Number) will be sent to you via email.

Please note that although many eligible Veterans choose to apply to a VA Educational Benefits program, this step is optional and is not necessary to enroll at Skyline College.

If you are applying for VA Educational Benefits (Chapter 30, 31, 33, 35 or 1606) or updating your benefit to change your place of training to Skyline College you will need to do so using the VA’s Education and Training Page.

Dependents and Active Duty Service members click HERE for additional information.

Veterans can get help navigating the VA Educational Benefit application process by contacting the Veterans Resource Center.

The VRC can also provide referrals to the appropriate resources to help determine eligibility for VA Educational Benefits and much more.

The New Student Orientation will provide you with the information, resources, and tools you need to be successful at Skyline College.

Note: If you already have a college degree, you may not be required to do this step. Consult email communication received from the college after your application has been processed.

Use an assessment measure to determine English, Math, or ESOL placement. Visit the Assessment/Placement website for more information on assessment measures by student type.

Note: If you have taken placement tests at a different Institution of Higher Education, or have taken classes at another Institution of Higher Education, please contact the Counseling Department to schedule an appointment with a veterans counselor to discuss further.

Counselors are here to help you navigate your educational experience and reach your goals. When you meet with a counselor you’ll discuss your educational goal, determine the courses that are right for you and create an educational plan to help you map out your academic experience.

Make sure to request an appointment with a Veterans Counselor when you contact the Counseling Department. There are Academic Counselors designated to help student veterans. These counselors are knowledgeable about creating a student education plan that meets VA guidelines for using VA Education Benefits. Bring transcripts from all colleges attended with you to your appointment and make sure to ask for a soft evaluation of transcripts and a Student Educational Plan.

View WebSchedule for the most up to date course offerings.

Access your WebSMART student account for the following services and more:

  • View assigned registration date/time
  • Add/Drop courses and pay fees (Note: certain fees may not apply if you are paying for your courses through a 3rd party payee. Please speak with the School Certifying Official if you plan to use VA Educational Benefits)
  • Access your student email
  • Purchase a Parking Permit

It is important that students submit Official Transcripts from all colleges previously attended outside of SMCCCD (including Joint Services Transcripts) to Admissions and Records. Students will also need to have a soft evaluation done on all outside transcripts with a Veterans Counselor to ensure they are not taking any repeated courses that they have already completed and passed at outside colleges/universities. Failure to get a soft evaluation of unofficial transcript(s) and failure to submit official transcript(s) to request a transcript evaluation (TES), could put students at risk of being certified for repeated courses. Students who are certified for repeated courses are responsible to pay back any debt accrued..

Official Transcripts can be sent electronically from the previous college to If the colleges cannot send your official transcripts as a PDF, please have your official transcripts mailed to the below address.

Skyline College
Admissions and Records
3300 College Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066

Documents Required for Certification of VA Education benefits- For Chapters 30, 31, 33, 35, and 1606:

If you plan to use VA Educational Benefits Chapters 30, 31, 33, 35, or 1606, and have identified Skyline College as your Parent School with the VA, you will need to submit the following documents to the Skyline College School Certifying Official Team*  at before your classes can be certified:

(if your parent school is a college other than Skyline College, please work with the School Certifying Official at that college to submit a parent school letter to the Skyline College School Certifying Official(s)*)

  • DD214 (member-4)
  • Certificate of Eligibility** obtained from the VA after you have submitted the Veterans Online Application 
    • (Note: if you have used your benefit at another college and plan to make Skyline College your primary place of training, you may need to change your place of training with the VA. Click HERE for more information).
  • Student Educational Plan (obtained from a veterans counselor in Step 5)
    • Only classes listed on your Educational Plan and required for an approved educational goal will be certified. Students using VA Education Benefits must meet with a Veterans Counselor at their parent school to create the Student Educational Plan. Make sure to note you need to meet with a veterans counselor when scheduling an appointment with the counseling department**. 
  • Completed Veteran's Benefits Statement of Responsibility form  
  • Completed Veteran's Certification Request Form   (complete this step after you have registered for classes, only classes listed on your SEP and required for an approved program of study can be certified, no repeat courses- SEP and Veterans Certification Request form must be submitted each semester students wish to be certified).

* Submit Documents to/ Contact our SCHOOL CERTIFYING OFFICIAL TEAM via email at:

**A note on Letter of Eligibility: For Chapters 30, 33 and 35- You will receive the letter of eligibility from the VA in the mail after you apply for Educational Benefits or change your place of training to Skyline College. For Chapter 31- Submit an award letter, your VR&E counselor will also need to submit a purchase order electronically to the college's School Certifying Official(s)*. If you are a Reservist using Chapter 1606, you will need to submit the Notice of Basic Eligibility.

If you are using the CalVet Fee Waiver or Active Duty Tuition Assistance:

click HERE for more information

Schedule An Appointment with a Veterans Counselor

For information on scheduling a virtual Counseling appointment to meet with a Skyline College Veterans Counselor and updating your SEP visit

If you need assistance with scheduling an appointment with a veterans counselor:
  • Email the counseling team at
  • Let them know you are using VA Education Benefits and want an appointment to meet with a Veterans Counselor
  • Also include your G number and availability for an appointment.

Remember to bring copies of all transcripts from prior colleges attended to your counseling appointment

Skyline College Meta Major Counselors for Veterans

The Skyline College Veterans Counselors by Meta Major are included below. Please note that while we encourage students to meet with their Meta Major veterans counselor, student veterans and students using VA Education Benefits can meet with any of the available veterans counselors at this time.

Business, Entrepreneurship & Management

Nate Nevado

Richard Torres

Science, Technology & Health

Lorraine DeMello

Jenny Le

Joyce Lee

Society & Education

Jacqueline Escobar

Alberto Santellan