All families interested in child care are required to complete an Eligibility List Card   to qualify and determine eligibility for available child care. Families pay for childcare services or may be income eligible to receive state-funded child care provided by the State of California. State-funded childcare is reserved for students of the San Mateo County Community College District. The program also serves families participating in CalWORKs or another alternative payment agency.

How Families are Selected

We maintain an eligibility list for families interested in child care services. Families are selected based on the available funded openings and the following priorities:

Priority State-funded Child Care CalWORKs Child Care Tuition-based Child Care
1 Child Protective Services referrals Student-families enrolled in SMCCD
receiving CalWORKs
First-come, first-served basis
2 Children At Risk of Neglect or Abuse    
3 Lowest income-eligible student-families;
When families share the same rank,
the earliest date of inquiry will be used.

When all available child care has been utilized, families will remain on the eligibility list utilizing the criteria set above for available child care. As vacancies occur, they will be filled from their respective eligibility list.