The Skyline College Child Development Laboratory Center functions as a laboratory school, more commonly referred to as a “lab school”. As a lab school, the program serves as a model early childhood program, provides an educational experience for students studying child development, and a site for research involving young children. Students, faculty and staff and the community have access to a high quality child-care program that foster children's development in a warm and nurturing environment. We model current best practices and create environments for children to grow to their highest potential. Individual child assessment using the Desired Results Developmental Profile guides curriculum planning based on the developmental needs of children and linked to the California Early Learning Foundations and K-12 Common Core Standards.

The program serves as a learning center for students with a forum for observing and practicing the methods and theories taught in our academic programs. Observers and participants from Early Childhood Education, Respiratory Therapy, Psychology, and other degree and certificate programs are regular visitors at the CDLC. The CDLC is designed to enhance the college’s programs and is a primary focus point of the training received in the classrooms by students.

Research about child development is an essential part on-going current practice and understanding of child development. Several times per year parents are asked to consider a research project that would involve direct interaction with their child. Parents receive a description of each research project approved by our Research Committee and sign an informed consent form. Research assistants may be members of the San Mateo Community College District or other education institutions in the immediate area.