Tuition-based families are charged a $50.00 enrollment fee every semester. There is a minimum schedule of four (4) days per week. All fees are assessed based on your child’s contracted schedule. Part days are defined as less than four and a half (4.5) hours. Tuition is based on a daily rate:

Child AgeFull Day (≥ 4.5 hours)Part Day (<4.5 hours)

18 months - 3 years $99 $80
3-5 years $85 $65

State-funded Childcare

State-funded family fee assessment is based on income and family size. All fees are paid in advance of service. All fees are assessed based on your child’s regular schedule.

CalWORKs or Alternative Payment Childcare

Families may contract childcare services with the CDLC through an alternative payment provider or third party agency. This agency specifies the contracted hours and days you have been approved to receive child care services. You will receive specific information from the alternative payment provider regarding your responsibilities as a parent receiving subsidized child care services.