The Student Spotlight profiles current and former students with inspiring personal stories of dedication, perseverance and academic achievement. If you know a student who should be highlighted in our Student Spotlight, please let us know.

Angelique Guerrero

Angelique Guerrero

For Angelique Guerrero, Skyline College has been an incredible learning experience....Read More

Kouassi Franck Yao

Kouassi Franck Yao

My experiences at Skyline College sparked my inner self to achieve better not only academically, but socially as well....Read More

valerie higgins

Valerie Higgins

For Valerie Higgins, Skyline College was the bridge between marginalization and empowerment....Read More

priscilla sanchez-pena

Pricsilla Sanchez-Peña

Pricsilla Sanchez-Peña has taken charge of her future time and time again. Now, it’s paid off. ...Read More

gian montes

Gian Montes

Gian Montes has always known he wanted to be a graphic designer. Now he's been accepted to the CalARTS Graphic Design program. ...Read More

flavious abellana

Flavious Abellana

Flavious entered senior year of high school without a plan for getting into college. That’s when a teacher introduced him to the idea of transferring ...Read More

nicole harris

Nicole Harris

Nicole's life is a story of overcoming bullying, living with blindness, and always finding a way no matter how winding the path. Her educational path hasn’t been a straight line  ...Read More

melba madrigal

Melba Madrigal

Skyline College and Cornell University alumna Melba knows what it takes to transfer successfully – and she wants to help other community college students transfer  ...Read More

jorge murillo

Jorge Murillo

By the time Jorge was a sophomore in high school, missing school was a habit. Living in a small apartment with six family members, caring for younger siblings  ...Read More

irene yim

Irene Yim

How many students do you know that have been awarded 16 scholarships in four years? Irene has accomplished this academic achievement with hard work and dedication  ...Read More

shannon fox

Shannon Fox

Before Skyline College, Shannon did not realize her potential. Nearly three years ago, Shannon, a Pacifica native who became a mother at 21, was working full-time for  ...Read More

vanessa chosa

Vanessa Chosa

If you had to choose one word to describe Vanessa, it would likely be “potential.” It’s difficult to imagine this confident and studious young woman as a fifteen-year-old  ...Read More